Go 2 Strategies, Dedicated to being Green

Go 2 Strategies is committed to being as green as possible. The less trees that are turned into paper the better. At Go 2 Strategies, we fully digitized our billing system as well as any other requests that may require a paper copy. Once a service is purchased, a digital invoice is sent to the customer rather than a paper version. This allows our customers to easily track and store any notifications or statements sent from our company.

Even in our own offices, we utilize email and other project management systems to keep paper usage to a bare minimum. This is not only a more cost effective way to operate, but is the ecologically friendly way to conduct business. There are many benefits to being a green company, but the most important one of all is having next to no impact on the environment.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our green policies or commitment, please feel free to contact us